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online SCHOOL, text BASED words WORDS some people want to kiss right in letters Dive to us! Hi, my name is Natalia, Courses and projects now → 15000₽ Basic course information and selling texts. 4 lessons + practice — write the exact words that clearly and structurally. Parse the composition, editing, copywriting chips, watch how to construct a sales letter, work in groups.

Practice in the classroom, working with beliefs, inspiration and desire to write for a client. 8000 ₽. Practice free writing.

Complicated pirating. Every day you get a new job to write the text SLI way. You write, I read and give feedback if needed.

So you are setting yourself up for “inspiration without asking”, “I can write even a night blind”, “I’m not afraid of a white sheet, I can even write backwards, as in China”. Clean it, watch the language, enriching the vocabulary. Extreme writing and textarea.

5 000 ₽. What am I saying? from may 14 how to create the right impression through text and tricky to communicate in writing, even in conflict situations. That you are in the world through their texts? As the reader can see? Like really you look the part? Who are you as the author? Who are you as an expert? And who is your audience? How do you deal with correspondence? How much you are attentive and careful in words? How to use hypnotic structure in the text? How to use NLP? Full course neuromodulating focusing on its ideological

What am I . Alison Richards.

10500 ₽ More in pairs upon request know about scatalogia, therapy. About hypnosis, NLP, TRANS, text, textarea, sorcery, and healing word. The work with words and meanings, with trance, with the solution of the problem.

The course is large and includes a huge number of skills: — spontaneous speech, hypnotic designs, is the ability to listen, to talk, to dream, 15000 ₽ More on your task Training, development, textarea. The creation of landing pages, texts, trainings, Myself. If you need to urgently write texts/ time to write/ learn in practice.

  • If you need to build landing pages and develop positioning, write slogans, create a map of product and CA
  • Complete development of online training from the name, product, and marketing to work with the participants
  • If you are a great specialist and want to give knowledge, but still do not understand the structure, content, don’t know how to do the job, how to present the course that will be interesting TSA, etc

15000 ₽ More Narrative therapy Mental, textual journey into the depths of Yourself. This course is about understanding their desires, values, beliefs. Through the text, working on fears, pain, anxiety, dreams, desires, stories, create mental maps, leaves, sentiment, fantasize, get inspired to examine ourselves.

Write, and notice the changes. 10000₽ | More Video course: daily exercise, oral spontaneous speech, facial expressions and meta-messages Every day you are recording themselves on video in my job and build their new identity. 5000 ₽ More or create a blog Only for the brave and collected.

30000₽. ESD 2.0 the Second phase of the course is what im talking About, practice free writing. Advanced.

Writing course on the

study and practice of artistic tropes, high style and literary syllable. 5000₽ More quotes from the reviews “In this course YOU will be friends. YOU to cherish.

YOU to read. First make friends with you. And then you make friends with your texts.”

I noticed that the writing has improved.” This is my first experience! I am very happy.” I wonder what history will have you.

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